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The doll in my avatar is Morideryn, my a ball-jointed doll. Morideryn is a Volks School B on an SD13 body with a custom face up by Viridian House.

This Tumblr is for dolls, fashion and geekery.

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This one with Elmo and Whoopi is also great -

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Emilia Clarke in the Game of Thrones S4 bloopers









Racism in advertising.
This is what we’re told constantly. That our brown skin is ugly and that we can only be beautiful if we’re white.

And you can find a shit ton of tanning lotions and tanning products marketed to fair skinned people.

Shut the hell up.

Some people find racism in everything… 

Not to mention they don’t understand the cultural differences in having fair skin in foreign countries and having darker skin, it’s almost the opposite.

You have white people tanning themselves into skin cancer colour tans and you have Asians trying to make their skin lighter.


It’s all cosmetic. It’s all for different reasons. One culture can find dark skin gorgeous and what society should strive for and one culture can find the opposite.

This is dove. They make self tanning products. They make skin darkening products. They cover s whole range of skin products. So do the other aforementioned brands.

I’d like to have skin whitener so I can just get rid of the workers tan on my arms because it looks fucking horrible.

They make those products because there is a demand for them. How do people not get that? 

One of my therapists, she was from Taiwan, said that Asian people preferred lighter skin because it signaled that you had the luxury to stay inside all day, to not have to toil in the fields. We like tan over here because it means you have the money to relax at the beach. Yo.

Some of these products are also for different purposes - notice the acne marks thing? Yeah, hyperpigmentation is the result of damage to the skin after a pimple, and considered a blemish. The whitening under arm thing is because the underarms tend to be darker than other parts of the body, leading to a colour discrepancy. Of course, everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their natural skin. 

I am also going to add that I have seen programs on TV warning Asian girls to be careful with skin whitening products, because of some of them can risk skin cancer. As well as warnings to white girls on over exposure on sun beds for the same reason. So both groups of girls are actually risking their health for their social ideal for beauty. Which actually is a cause for concern because these girls could end up seriously ill. 

I know in the UK tan skin is seen as beautiful, it shows you have enough money to be able to go aboard to top up their tans, since we don’t get as much sun over here. I also know in the Victorian era that the opposite was true, since people didn’t go on holiday abroad. However white/pale skin meant that you obviously wasn’t working class because you didn’t have to work outside. 

I think it’s also worth remembering that companies are not beyond creating artificial demand for their products, or enhancing a small concern into a big one. Listerine was a domestic cleaning product before the manufacturers hit on using it as a mouthwash - before mouthwash no one thought about the scent of someone’s breath. Then adverts for Listerine made people feel self-conscious about what their breath might smell like to other people and voila! Instant demand for a product because the advertisers made people feel like they would be gross without it. Without swishing floor cleaner around their mouth.

I don’t believe at all that Dove and Olay produce skin whitening creams and self-tan for philanthropic reasons based solely on outside consumer demand. They have made a product that taps in to people’s insecurities by exacerbating those insecurities. So much for ‘love the skin you’re in’!

And I think it’s also worth remembering that the reasons non-white people want to appear paler are different from the reasons white people want to look tanned. White people are still white people, with all the rights and privileges intact, no matter how orange or brown they become. Light skinned non-whites have better chances of getting jobs and generally ‘passing’ in a white majority than dark skinned non-whites.

Pale is a standard of beauty that favours white people, and bizarrely, tanned skin is a standard of beauty that also favours white people, rather than people with naturally brown skin. A white person might be wandering around with a teak coloured tan, but that doesn’t mean naturally dark skin is any more desirable or attractive. People rank white-pale first, then white-tan, then other permutations of racial appearance. Isn’t that messed up?


#Welsh word of the day: Undeb/ #Union


#Welsh word of the day: Undeb/ #Union

"What if women had minstrel cycles instead of menstrual cycles? You’d just have a guy with a lute follow you around for a week every month and play you songs constantly?"

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I am a bit annoyed that the aftermath of the Scottish referendum is all whinging by English politicians about wanting more powers for England. As a Welsh person it makes me seethe and I bet the Scots and Irish feel similar.

For how many hundreds of years have English MPs made decisions for Wales, Scotland and Ireland?! Cofiwch Dryweryn! A Welsh community was drowned to provide water for Liverpool (that Liverpool didn’t even need) and although the Welsh MPs at the time all voted against, the majority English MPs voted for English interests and not Welsh ones, even when the English interest was not imminently needed and the Welsh one was to protect a thriving community! Don’t tell me that Westminster isn’t an English parliament.

I’m not an anglophobe, my father is English, a quarter of my family are English, I have English friends. I went to an English university to do my MA, in Liverpool! But this strikes me very much like all those ‘why are there no straight pride parades?’ ‘Why isn’t there a white history month?’ Because you’re the majority, England! The rest of us have to deal with tourists calling our country ‘England’, we have to put up with all the hurts the English football team keeps having and any successes any of the other home nation teams get barely a footnote. English is our de facto national language even though Wales, Scotland and Ireland have our own languages too - no one makes English school kids learn Welsh but all Welsh school kids have to learn English. All our national newspapers are anglocentric. Welsh people and Welsh culture are considered a joke in many parts of England.

You had an English parliament hundreds of years before us in Wales and just because we have our own devolved Senedd now still doesn’t mean we are an equal partner in this union to you.

Can we get back to talking about Scotland’s place in the union now? This is their time and I’m sick of seeing Nigel Farage’s whining face.



The Eddie Izzard Doctrine

Perfectly worded.

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100,000 notes and I wonder how many people realise this line was improvised by a 7 year old

For those that don’t know, this is a show called Outnumbered. A British show where the child actors are only given guidelines not actual lines so they say whatever feels natural for them to say in the scene. I think only the oldest brother has actual lines. If I remember correctly this girl was the youngest person in the country to ever win a comedy award.


I never knew that people found scented or perfumed products offensive. Whenever I sell clothing items, I always iron or steam it followed by a light spritz of perfume. I also perfume the package from the inside and the note/envelope. Do people really not like this? I always thought it was something others would appreciate..


Please don’t do this. You never know if the recipient has asthma or allergies to scents. It’s a nice thought but I don’t want to be made ill because of a parcel.

Today’s #tattydevine Day 12! I love the German gingerbread collection! #td15

Today’s #tattydevine Day 12! I love the German gingerbread collection! #td15